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true confessions
Old Poops had a reality check of sorts today up at the sawmill..well, a couple of them, actually. Since that's where I spend most of my time it's a given that it's the place where life smacks me right in my smart ass and says "pay attention bitch." I'll spare you the details of love long denied and how gettin' old ain't one bit of fun for anybody.

After work the trusty Camry that is minus one door handle and one lens over a tailight brought me right back to Pecan Lane, where I started Marvelous Monday, to listen to the birds and walk the yard at my leisure. With a beer, of course :) The iris are on their last stems but peonies are just now poppin' open. Asparagus has gone to fern in a matter of a week. Even though the water has dropped way down, the turkeys are still wandering around here and there enjoying the springtime amongst the newly sprouted corn. Just another day in paradise.

I'm thinking that this b**g has become a place for me to come and dump whatever is on my mind onto those who may or may not give a rat's ass about how I feel concerning the price of gas. That is precisely why I'll be absent more often and out with the camera or listening to live music instead of doing self-therapy on a keyboard. My bedtime read last night was a worn paperback collection of Dorothy Parker pieces, sent by my old friend and writing coach who lives in Texas.

Ya'll know where to find me.

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