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a visit to the vet and other stuff
Marvelous Monday, indeed. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, following a beautiful weekend. After work, I took Faith to the vet where she was the *cutest sweetest most-well-behaved* canine in residence, all for a mere 200 bucks plus. One down, two to go. I have a sneaky suspicion that her mixed terrier siblings won't be as well behaved when their turns come, as the money allows. They're a teensy bit more hyper than their big chocolate lab sista.

There was a murder about a mile up the road yesterday at the hindu hotel aka the crack and meth house. Our local rag reports that poor unfortunate dude was traveling for work and ended up in the wrong room with four bullets in him. A case of mistaken identity? Who the heck knows, but it gives me the willies. A little too close for comfort to this country gal. Law enforcement has documented the influx of gang activity into our 'burg over the past few years...'gangstas from the Memphis metro area preying on small town small minds up and down Highway 51. Looks like I'm gonna have to run for some sort of office just to let my voice be heard on the matter.

Been workin' on the Mother's Day menu with my sister/cousin and we've about got it knocked out. She's bringing Ronnie, homemade rolls and cheesecake from Kentucky and pickin' up HER mama. Me and BG will handle the rest like the Iron Chefs that we are. Gotta go looking for pasta sheets for this asparagus recipe she found. I'd make my own but, dang. There just ain't enough hours in the day for a smartass country girl to be Martha's Stewart's understudy. Gotta work and save up to pay the propane guy next winter.

You might have noticed that I haven't mentioned Sugardaddy in awhile. That's because I have been knocked in the head with the startling realization that he doesn't exist! Ya'll could have been nice and told me a few years back but nooooooooo...you just let me go on dreaming of beach vacations and fabulous shopping trips to the dollar store. When the Easter bunny didn't show with a basket, I knew it was all over but the crying. That's okay. I am woman, hear me roar whimper "keep the faith."

And now, I present to you the future of rock music. My co-worker's son and his friends have been trying to rustle up a band for a couple of years and finally they made their debut. Play close attention to dude in the Santa hat playing air guitar. They must really like him to let him get up in there and goof off while they're playing their hearts out.

Give it up for Submerged ^j^
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