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a word of warning
I am, like most of you, aware of the dangers of phishing and scamming on the internet and always use caution while on the web. I also routinely check my bank statement online every day or so just to see what's up. Imagine my surprise when I found an unauthorized debit card transaction there today to these thieves . I immediately started researching and it seems that this ring is well known for stealing debit card numbers ( and HOW exactly do they do this??) and charging small amounts assuming that most people won't notice. I also found a site that lists many many complaints against a company called MCA Technology that is the front for all of the mules who do the thefts. According to what I've read, this is a ring that is widespread in scope.

Am I pissed? You bet your smart ass I am. And hell hath no fury like a poor woman when you mess with her hard earned money.

Anybody got the number for the attorney general? Never mind...I'll look it up.
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