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Ya'll remember the bracelets, right? I wore one for awhile to remind me of the sacrifice made in my name and the character of the man who did it for me. It was one step on my journey to being a faithful one. Remind me to tell you about the other ones and falling down a few. It wasn't pretty, but I managed to keep the old spirit intact to smile and say thank you.

The voices have been silent around here lately because, frankly, I've been very disillusioned with the news as reported by the local rag. The front page is covered with mug shots of people who may or may not be guilty, depending on the due process of law which don't go far when your hometown reputation is already smeared by the MSM. And they definitely ain't main stream, by the way. It's kinda like taking names when you're the hall monitor and have access to official records so you can bully people. Sunshine law, my ass. From now on I'll depend on word of mouth to find out who died and leave the happy shit to the editor and publisher and their personal issues. Heaven forbid that they should miss a hint of a scandal when the rest of us are counting quarters to pay the rent.

I don't know anymore, ya'll, about anything. I know what makes me happy and I tend to stick with that stuff..family, friends and the day job. My dogs and the krazy kat who lives here by default. Kudzu. Flowers and four wheelers. Cute babies. Justice and honesty with eye contact and big hugs. Sunny days. Long naps. Cooking like the Iron Chef. I've never thrown chicken across the room, but don't put it past me if I'm in that mood. Nah..I never waste food. Strike that one.

Back in the sixth grade I was runner-up in the county spelling bee. Vickie Eskridge kicked my everloving ass and I don't even remember what word I went out on...I was just happy to be on the stage competing. As an adult I did the same thing all over again for charity and never won the *grand prize*. Always a bridesmaid, that's the old Poopster.

On my way home from work today something scurried out of the way from the path of the Camry so I stopped to take a look. This baby was not the least bit slow in gettin' to the other side of Pecan Lane before her shell got crushed. I feel honored that she didn't pull her little reptilian head all the way in. What do they eat anyways? Asparagus, perhaps.
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