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and the ozone lifteth

...thanks be to the passage of a cold cool front that has been stalled for days over the center of our great yet enormously greedy nation. I must admit that I contribute to the pollution by smoking, but other than that I'm green all the way baby. The poopie routine goes something like this: work at the sawmill so I can buy gas to go BACK to the sawmill, play outside enjoying mother nature until the lightning bugs show up (as global warming permits),sleep a few hours, and go back to the sawmill.Rinse.Lather.Repeat. Exciting, huh?

Something deep inside of me has come to a sort of grassroots realization that we spend too much time working to support a big fat government and the lobbyists that run it and too little time doing the important things like appreciating nature. Oh, I've always loved it...experiencing the cycle of the seasons and growth. As I've gotten older, though, I've gotten really pissed off about the priorities of those who see nothing beyond how to earn a buck at someone else's expense without giving anything back unless there's a tax deduction. Not a Pollyanna by any means, I realize in my heart of hearts that there are those who use "assistance" and abuse it. That is one reason why Social Security won't be there when I need it, even though I've paid in my entire life. Being an addict is not a disability, it is a choice. There are ways and means and people to break the cycle but it's easier to throw money at 'em and forget about the root cause.

Someone at the day job said this morning that "everybody's family is dysfunctional." I agree. Each of us has a unique history comprised of hardship, pain and joy. Yo momma don't dance and your daddy don't rock and roll :) But, and that's a BIG but....Big Ernie gave most of us the option to rise above the bad shit and grab for the brass ring, whatever that may be. To me, it's chilling with people and critters who accept and love me unconditionally. To hell with the rest of 'em. I'm past all that.

The angst and drama of being pissed off about social injustice takes a great emotional toll on deep thinkers like myself, so I pretty much gave it to BE long ago and began to focus on what makes me content. Sometimes it's the day job. Other times it's a lucky shot with the camera. Then again, it can be a hug or meaningful eye contact or just someone else's presence that is calming. Whatever it may be at any given time, I slow my pace now and enjoy the moment because once it is gone, it's only a memory.

Ya'll keep the faith...tomorrow is hump day ^j^
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