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back to the future
I'll be away for a bit...tending to family matters and lookin' for love trying to figure out how to get the damned pushmower to start. Somebody told me to put a few drops of gas into the carberwhatchatamacallit. Truth be told, I could care less about the grass.

Presently, I hear big ass helicopters taking off from the airport behind me to God knows where, probably Iraq where great progress is being made according those who have been there gettin' their asses blown up by IEDs and such to protect the agenda of the Republican party which has a whole lot to do with making a profit at everybody else's expense. Word has it that our local National Guard unit has been activated to deploy AGAIN sometime this year, bless their hearts.

Nah, I ain't voting for Obama either. I'll probably just sit this one out and focus on Congress.

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