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damn it's hot
S'cuse me for cussin' on the eve of the Lord's day and all. If I were Catholic I could have just gone to mass this evening and not felt a bit guilty about skipping church for the day job. The best phrase I can come up with to describe the sawmill is "organized chaos." And I use the word organized very loosely, if you know what I mean.

These Santa Mississipi winds have done a number on the potted produce out on my side porch so they're moving to the back where it's shady after dinner work and the waterhose is handy. Currently in bloom are the daylilies and larkspur and that amaryllis which stubbornly refused to bloom out there amongst the weeds. Soon as sugardaddy shows up with the other half of the rent and utilities I'm parking my butt on the ground (with OFF) to do some serious weedeatin' by hand. That's a real stress buster, ya know?

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