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deja vu

I should have known better than to take the bills to the sawmill with me to do some ciphering today. Just as it did exactly three weeks ago when I worked the weekend, the computer system decided to crap out with no warning. Mr. Corporate soothe-the-natives-i-don't-have-a-clue said that "yep...he's down too. Got some technicians on it lookin' to see what's up." That was four hours before I left the mess in somebody else's hands until early tomorrow morning. *takes a deep breath* Ya'll know how much I lurve my job, right?%#!!* After all, it affords me this luxurious lifestyle! Plus, I get to "help people."

Lilycat shows not even a hint of a labor pain as she waddles around from spot to spot. I'm just hoping the birthing room isn't in my drawer this time. Since she's so attached to BG and all maybe it will happen in HER drawer. Just pulled a big fat tick off of Sam's head so we did the Sevin dust bath outside with all three. They looked like ghost dogs.

Been watchin' the radar all day praying for that rain to hurry up and get here before everything withers up and blows away. I spent my two days off cleaning house and mowing the yard so it's time for a little R&R in Poopieland on the next two free ones. I see myself in a pool with a cold beer floatin' like a beached whale dreaming about life sith Sugardaddy. Uh..yep. He's back in residence in my fantasies. At least until I get some new tennis shoes to walk the concrete up at work. Then I might just cut him loose for a young one.

Peace out, ya'll.
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