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disposable income

Sittin' here working on a list for the dollar store on payday, I can only feel slight pangs of sympathy for those who have had to "scale back their lifestyles" because of the current economic situation, price of fuel included. Last time I went on vacation was five years ago when we drove to Gulf Shores and looked for gas stations in the dollar fifty range along Highway 45 South in Mississippi, bless our hearts. The times, they have a'changed. I've been hearing that the speculators are the cause of the rise in gas prices, not the retailers. Wonder who they are and if they're strutting around like banty roosters crowing about their victory over the little people. Probably a bunch of Nigerians in internet cafes working for fifty cents a day paid by the oil companies. Ya'll surely know that outsourcing is all the rage these days.

We are two days into this work week and on each of the two opportunities for income, someone has showed up to piss all in my Cheerios at the sawmill, just for sport. When it's not hot as HELL, I tend to let these things roll off like water on a duck's back but dang..I hate to sweat. It definitely doesn't become a middle aged lady like myself...makes me testy unless I'm sprawled out on the porch with a cold beverage.

There's a little honey hole of peaches'n'cream corn hidden out there maturing as I type and I.can't.wait! to tear into a fresh cob cooked with butter. Our 'burg has a brand spanking new farmer's market downtown that should be filled with fresh produce pretty soon...purple hull peas and the like. My sole summer crop is a grape tomato plant that has two red ones so far. BG likes those little ones :)

I am clean and not sweating, thanks be to an honest AC repair man named Corey. We'll worry about how to pay the ginormous utility bill when the time comes. Meanwhile, just keepin' the faith here on Pecan Lane.

Ya'll keep it too, umkay?

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