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the lay of the land
Things are moving along at the usual pace here on the farm which means there's heavy machinery everywhere driven by cute guys like this one who posed with his spray rig. Not bad scenery for a country girl ;) We have mostly corn and beans with some cotton now that the wheat has been cut. More beans will go in behind the wheat. So far, the weather has been perfect with just enough rain to get things going and hot weather. And yes, I still hate to sweat.

A friend and I went exploring the riverbed the other day on his four wheeler and I took along my shovel and bucket to dig up some ferns I had spotted the day before. We chopped the poison ivy and cane barrier away like good scouts and loaded 'em up to put in my back shade bed. So far, they're thriving. I'll keep at them with the water hose!

The day job runs at a slow hum now most of the time because summer is typically the slower season for hospitals unless it's really urgent. Or you get poison ivy and go to the ER for a decadron shot. We enjoy the slower pace because, frankly, we earned it by busting our asses this past winter and spring. It gives us more time to really know each other rather than shouting across a noisy room in the heat of battle.

Babygirl has one week of summer school left and then six weeks off before beginning her last year. She and a pack of girls have gone out of town for the weekend to celebrate a double bachelorette party so it's just me and the critters. And the laundry. I'm still undecided about the MBA thing....didn't start with this class but there's another one coming up in late summer. That's a whole bunch of money for a degree that may or may nor make a difference in my earning potential during the "golden" years. Neither of my brothers went to college and I guarantee you that both of them could buy and sell me and never miss the change.

I've zoned out on the election and all of the hoopla involved with said event. I didn't REALLY mean it when I said I wouldn't vote...gah. Ya'll know me better than that! I just might not vote along party lines, if you get my drift.

Gotta run. This old house will most likely not clean itself. Then again, I may not clean it either right now.

Keep the faith ^j^
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