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now where was i........

Oh yeah, I remember. Busy being quiet and all that. I'll just hit the high points umkay?

Strike two: Faith went to doggie jail again and I bailed her out on Monday thanks to Mama's generous loan. Strike three involves court fees and we can't afford that. Lily is, as they say in the good book, great with child kitten. The poor thing looks like she ate a bowling ball for lunch. Leave your number and I'll deliver one to you when they're weaned. In a basket with a cute ribbon and all that.

Good old summertime: I had a brain fart and didn't remember that floatin' in a pool for four hours will burn an old lady's face to a crisp. Usually I have a visor but with finances as tight as they've been, it eased right offa my shopping list. Nah..I lied. I just forgot in a wild fit of "sometimers disease". The next layer of skin up there should be a bit tougher.

Higher education: It never ONCE entered my mind to get another degree until I noticed an ad in the paper for an info session about earning an MBA online from a nearby college at about the same time there was mention of a possibility to teach what I know best. 17K, lots of studying for a year and a half and a little bit of travel involved. We shall see how this one plays out.

Sugardaddy: Who?

Teach your children well: In thirty one years of working at the sawmill, not ONCE has anybody from the lab been nominated for employee of the day/week/year/month/millenium. Today was the day for one Mrs. Mooney who fought back tears as she realized the fact that she is a pioneer. We all got cake too! It reminded me of a scene right out of "The Office" :)

Bound to happen: Imagine my chagrin when I discovered that the kudzu bar gets more hits than my poop these days. Could be because there's more pictures and fewer words. Or it could just be about the beer and the kindred spirits enjoying what my friend Charlie calls the circus.

Ain't ya'll proud? I did an entire post without bitching about the heat. And that, my friends, is because it's only just begun.

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