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The wedding up by KY lake went well all things considered, weather included. The happy couple and their party sweated through the ordeal smiling the whole way. I grinned too, just being a witness to love in action and all that. As Jennifer said " I pledge thee my WHAT??" I'm not quite certain what a troth is but I'm pretty sure it's a forever kind of thing. See: Cinderella, Snow White et al.

We skipped the reception in favor of a drink and snacks at Matt's Pub and more fun at the local American Legion where they let dogs come around. That was where I found Faith's future boyfriend, a beautiful red lab hung like a horse. Ya'll ain't never seen a red one, have you? Me neither. Poor Faith has the very neutered Sammy D all over her trying to do the wild thang and all she feels like is barking at the trailer park trash up the road. Or the wind. Or the moon.

I made friends with some interesting people up there..a whole 'nother cast of characters who live and love and watch each others' backs day in and day out. I met Haley who saved Mr. Wilton when she was just five years old and he was drowning in the lake. According to her, she just took his hand and swam to shore because you "do what you have to do." Saturday night a big storm hit and a tree ended up right smack on the top of George's truck busting the water line in the process. We spent Sunday outside waiting for the hot-men-in-hard hats utility crew to come and lift that pine off of the power line and his vehicle. I reckon the plumber will have to fix the busted PVC.

While I was away, an unfortunate trucker traveling on the local interstate had a fire in his rig. Reporters noted that he was hauling Lean Cuisines when the tires caught fire and he pulled over to call 911 and salvage his personal belongings. Someone hit and killed him as he crossed the highway. Thirty something years old, from Georgia, he was just working for a living and in a flash his life was over. The driver will carry that guilt with her the rest of her days. I went up to the kudzu bar yesterday afternoon to take pictures of Monday's Free!Budweiser
! Food! and Elvis! event and parked next to wrecker service next door. When I got ready to leave I noticed there was a burned out truck next to the Camry , stinking to high heaven. The whole thing just made me think about shit stuff, which I tend to do a little too often.

Sometimes I wish I didn't.

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