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summer afternoon walk
About every other day now I make the rounds of the closest flower beds with the water hose to see what's up. This afternoon I enjoyed the luxury of a complete walk around my yard with a light breeze blowing and the camera in hand. This is my bliss, ya'll. Every time I do the rounds, I am reminded of where I got what plant the details of our friendship. There are things that were planted by the late great Mrs. Council decades ago but I've added my own touches in twenty years of growing seasons. I'm the kind of friend that you can expect at any given time to show up with a shovel wanting to dig your shit up. Seriously.

I went to the kudzu bar and took pictures of the karaoke singers at their first contest. There is some bad ass talent up in there if you catch it on the right night, and this was one of 'em. Of course it required that I stay up way past bedtime so I'll be hittin' the hay around dark-thirty.

Visited the grands today and they're just tickled to be kicked back in their recliners watching birds. Mom made me a sympathy card for a friend who lost her Dad and she talked to the computer the whole time tellin' it to hurry up. I know the feeling. A blackbird showed up to eat the finches' thistle and Daddy told him to move along to the corn field. BG is safely in her bed and worn plum out from bachelorette partying. I know that feeling too.

I'll post the yard stuff on Flickr if you'd like to walk it with me.

Just another day in paradise ^j^
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