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american history

Some smartass reminded me that a hard rain was gonna fall, and damned if it didn't. Big Ernie blessed us with a late afternoon shower that should make the crops seem a little bit perkier. As my friend the Little General says "like the grapes of wrath.." is about how the corn and beans looked this past week. Guess they need some humidity mixed in with all that heat. The kudzu doesn't seem to be suffering one little bit.

Sometimes when I feel creative I write over at that other place. Or this one. It's mostly fact with a generous dose of my vivid imagination sprinkled between the lines, but I love every minute of it when the muse visits. I never use photoshop on my pictures either. How pitiful is that?

My old dear friend Pam turned 52 today so ya'll give her a big fat sloppy birthday kiss, umkay? My present to her is a "to die for" creation from the jeweler at Beaded Blessings who just happens to be my current crack dealer. The way this woman can put crystals together and make a girl feel special is a real talent. Her stuff reminds me a whole lot of Christine and her design style. That's Pam up there arranging furniture on the patio at the kudzu bar. She always was a party animal:)

Things are just busy as hell now that I'm following my heart instead of worrying over the bills. This Saturday I'm working with my friend Sue to put on the feed for Big John since he "might" retire sometime in the near future. Depends on the insurance, I reckon. Sue had a heart cath today and it looks pretty good from what I hear through the grapevine. No surgery, just some meds.

As for the day job I don't rightly know what's up except for what the stock ticker tells me. The universal "we" are traded on Wall Street daily and that makes me very uncomfortable as a player in this whole healthcare thing. I get occasional updates from this guy out there in the farthest corners of the world. Today's caught my attention because, when the whole thing happened, it was just a passing byline on somebody's wire service in my part of the world. Michael's friend describes what it looks like now, some weeks after the cyclone hit.

In conclusion: I'll be away for a bit. Ya'll know where to find me. Don't you DARE forget to keep the faith either. If you do I'll tell 'yo momma.

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