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barkin' at the moon

Butterbean is the barkiest damn dog I've ever shared a bed with...well, since Marvin anyway. Somebody gets anywhere close to the driveway, she's all bark but no bite. The moon is full? bark.bark.bark. Some squirrel dares to make a move up the big old pecan tree and she's all OVER it like white on rice. Never mind that she never leaves the front steps. I spotted a lone turkey out in the newly cut pasture this afternoon and not one of the three dogs ever noticed. Well, duh.

We had some tasty grilled food down at Bubba's this afternoon and Daddy celebrated his last day at the age of 76 surrounded by family. And cotton fields. He felt right at home. There was NO ketchup bottle on the table this time. Only mustard, but by golly I got it in the picture :)

Things are changing for me pretty quickly these days in all areas of being Poopie. BG begins her final year of college in a month. I'll be working more because of an unfilled position at the sawmill. Still no Sugardaddy, but I've begun to see the possibilities of spending time with folks who are less about things and more about karma and shit stuff. Must be an old people thing or something.

My friend Amy up in Illinois is having a really hard time today. Ya'll keep the faith for her, please? And, thank you. ^j^
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