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every step i take
The critter population is about to get out of hand around Casa Poopie so if any of ya'll need a cute little kitten let me know and it's in the mail. Seriouly, I love you that much. Every time I go in or out the door there are three dogs right on my heels wantin' to stay upclose and personal with their mama. Poor things are probably bored silly all day running around Pecan Lane chasing squirrels and stuff. The highlight of their lives is when I pull up in the Camry and they get to guard me for awhile.

We had rain. Not a lot, but enough to make a difference in the dust level and help the crops along through this hitoniously hot'n'humid summer month. If you've never experienced summer in the south, you've missed an event that spawned many a book and movie. Why, the kudzu alone is enough to fill an entire chapter and then grow over the cover sealing it shut so that nobody can pry it open until after the first hard frost. Too late for the sweet corn, but it was already trashed anyway by a band of marauding squirrels and coons. *sigh* I did notice that there are actually PECANS on the trees lining our lane which is a good omen.

There is a nice breeze, a porch and there is beer. Life is good ^j^
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