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never a dull moment
These two horse's butts greeted me when I let the dogs out early this morning. Between the two of 'em they managed to knock over the bird feeder AND the bath..after they slurped up all the water.

The kittens are all still in a pile under Lily so they're not very photogenic right now. Maybe when their eyes are open they'll be cuter...ya think? I'm picking out their owners in my head as sort of a karmic payback for all the critter love I've been shown in the past. Otherwise, they'd just have to live at the dairy barn and catch mice for a living *meh*

When I was walkin' the yard this afternoon I noticed that the stargazer has bloomed. Usually they come before the tiger lilies do. Must be global warming or something. Somebody puleez call Congress ASAP!

The mood persists, in spite of my best efforts. It's hard to describe actually. Sorta' like the letdown on Christmas night when all the hoopla is over and tomorrow is just another day. Or the road to Emmaus after Easter sunday trumpets. I am a single middled aged mother of a college student who is working her buns off to become a social worker. We are roommates and friends. My parents are gettin' old...one can't see. The other can and chooses to watch Gunsmoke reruns in between taxi runs to town.

The day job is a circle unbroken, healthcare with a dollar sign attached these days. For the life of me, I can't figure out why this country can't get it right. Nobody can live forever, even Hoss . The key seems to be making the most of the journey and meeting patients where they are. Of course that's not a revenue center, by any means. Just a perk when you happen to run across an angel.
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