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pictures don't lie
My friend Sue and I went on a whirlwind roadtrip to Nashvegas today for personal business. The outside temp as we cruised back toward the 'burg registered 100 during the entire return trip. When we crossed the Tennessee river, I took the wheel of her very large and hard-for-a-short-gal to get into Yukon after hauling my midget self up by the handle into the driver's seat. Lord have mercy, ya'll..I felt like a dwarf piloting a small plane!

When I arrived at her house last night, the first thing I spotted was the above birthday card sent to her by her very Republican son-in-law. I think the grandchildrens' refrigerator magnet says it all, don't you? Heh. Gotta laugh or we just might cry. We did discover a new to us great place to eat today, Ted's Montana Grill which features bison as a menu choice for many items. Besides offering great food, atmosphere and service, they use only ecofriendly non-plastic items in the process. Can't beat that with a wooden swizzle stick.

Gotta go do a rain dance or something. See ya'll on the other side of Monday. ^j^
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