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How about them dog days ya'll? I know you would never dream this of the Poopster, so let me say it again. I.hate.the.heat. Most especially when it gets over 92 or so and I have to get in an old overheated car with three hubcaps and a shaky front end after a fun day at the office. Thanks to BE, this month's utility bill wasn't a penny more than the last one (which was outrageous, screw you TVA!) *whew* Now...I feel better. After the tiger lilies bloom it seems to be all downhill for the flora except for monkey grass and pink ladies unless one is a dedicated dead-header, which I most definitely am not. Too hot for that nonsense.

We had a near miss with the kittens yesterday when Butterbean thought one was a vole and decided to take it on. It wasn't a pretty scene, but the baby survived and the dogs stayed outside until bedtime as punishment for even thinking about eating a cat. Stinkin' dawgs. Damn cats. My friend Dak tells me I need to "get a life." Ya'll think he might be right?

This blog will be continued when I get in a better mood which will be when things cool off a little. Over and out from Pecan Lane. ^j^
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