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wild horses and fightin' dogs

The horses have managed to step over the ancient barbed wire every day this week into the manna that is my yard and cornfields. Twice today. The highlight was me and Daddy tag teaming their return to the barn, he in hot pursuit in his truck and me minding the gate. Later Bubba came out to make the rounds of the perimeter and fix the holes while I attempted to keep Faith from killing the neighbor's dog who had come by to visit. Definitely an alpha female, that brown beauty.

Babygirl scored a free ticket to her first "real" concert (not trudging around in the mud at Memphis in May) featuring Kenny Chesney in Nashvegas tonight. There are a couple coming up at Mud Island that I'd love to see but the money doesn't look so good. She's out of school for six weeks leaving her with "just" work instead of work AND school until mid-August. There will be some kind of throw down once she gets that diploma in hand, I'm just sayin'. Ten months. Down to the short rows.

I walked Daddy's yard with him today and he educated me on the practice of thinning out the fruit trees. When I got home I was out pitching apples when this awful squawking commenced above me and I discovered that there was a bird nest with babies in it right where I was plucking and mama bird was NOT happy about the intrusion.

Watched the fireworks in town from the comfort of my porch last night and they were still going at 11:30. Somebody really splurged on the pyrotechnic budget this year. We've had no rain for two weeks so it's a wonder the whole county didn't go up in flames.

The kittens will be a week old tomorrow and are still cute as pie all in a pile. Faith is fascinated with them and loves to babysit while Lily is out cattin' around. Just another day in paradise, ya'll ^j^
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