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angel flight
I love it how Big Ernie works sometimes...seriously. It's like, when he knows you need to believe again the angels just flutter on in to your life and do their stuff while he sits back and smiles. What a great job to have! Of course there are all those times when you're in the toilet and he's just feeling every bit of that pain along with you and. Well, not so much the pleasant vocation.

Most of the time I don't recognize 'em as angels when they first show up on my radar...a friend of a friend or somebody who follows their dream and turns out to be a keeper. Some of my best times are spent with the parents of kids that Babygirl grew up and went to school . Work friendships are tight because you spend as much time with them as you do with your nukler family, as Dubya would say, bless his heart. And the old childhood variety can swoop in and remind you what it was like before the hard stuff started. I was fortunate enough to hook up with several today for a few hours of remembering when.
There have been plenty of occasions when I saw the opportunity to put on wings and wondered how in this world I'd find the strength to do THAT. Healthcare does that to a practitioner if one has any sort of heart at all. While many folks have little experience with sickness and death, we're out there trying to ease the transition from healthy to the grave in a somewhat repetitive motion. The trick is to recognize where the patient is on the journey of life and meet him or her there with realism. It is a vocation that pays well by today's standards and asks much in return. It is quite difficult to keep all of the feelings in their boxes when you deal with crises involving human life day in and day out. With the exception of two or three, every doctor I've ever worked with has been an ass to the staff and often times to the patient and family. There's one who prays with his patients pre-op for a good outcome to the surgery. He has enough faith to know that it's not in his hands at all and anytime I need a cut, he's the dude.

It's good to be cooler than 95 for a change. More rain in the forecast and a lovely week ahead. Not bad for August, ya know?

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