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blast from the past

Um, yeah. So what would YOU do if you had been cleaning house all day, managed to get a shower and wander up to the kudzu bar for a coupla beers and some karaoke sans makeup. And then as you were gettin' the change back from Trinity you turned to the left and saw a familiar face that you hadn't seen for several years and it just so happened to be him. The old love, the one that caused major lifechanges and eventually cut you loose as a friend because you dared to care about him for real. That one. Well, I'll tell you exactly what I did....sat there lookin' like an idiot who had seen a ghost. After I regained some composure from the shock, we chatted about our respective families and friends like no time had passed and he went on his way, again. Tried to call him today to tell him happy birthday but got the voicemail. JUST in case I didn't have the right number, I passed on leaving our traditional birthday greeting because it's kinda obscene. I could just picture some grandma checking her voicemail and hearing "Happy Birthday M****R F****R!"

The remaining three kittens and Lily have moved to the front porch and are enjoying the outside life. Likewise, I enjoy not having to step over 'em. It's hard enough to avoid stepping on a dog around here. I've been in a manic housecleaning mode lately because I'm just sick of looking at it. My friends Becky and John gave me a big picture the other day that is now hanging in the living room. Nobody ever even goes there anymore since the TV is in my bedroom, so I'm trying to spiff it up a little in case Sugardaddy drops by.

Today is also Deb's birthday so ya'll go over and give her a holler. That girl makes the prettiest pictures I have ever seen. Well, her and the smartass photographer. They are equally responsible for inspiring me to work with the camera a little more.

Monday's coming soon enough so I think I'll go play outside soon as it cools down a bit.

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