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cabin fever

I sure do miss the luxury of wandering the yard without fear of a heatstroke *sigh*. Index today is 110, humidity a huge factor. In the words of the friendly guy at the utility company it's a big "degree" day. You betcha. I am hunkered down for the remainder of this lovely weekend away from the sawmill with the critters. The kittens are learning to eat somewhat, but still follow Lily around whining for a nipple. The familiar yellow school buses started runnin' Pecan Lane this week which seems awfully early but that's how they do it these days.

Yaya and KT have both turned another year older with little fanfare. After you hit 50 it's kind of a non-event except for maybe a present or phone call and a beer or two. Redneck Friend and Yaya took me out for my fiftieth for anything I wanted to do all night and I was home by 10PM. Can you say "house mouse?" Oddly enough, I started going out and mingling more after that. After all, Sugardaddies don't just grow on trees in the pots out back. I've met a lot of interesting folks, and many of them are bikers. They can get rowdy as hell, but any one of 'em would stand up for each other in matters of honor. There was a benefit at the fairgrounds not too long ago for C's mama who has cancer, and the BBQ I bought was the best I've ever had.

My nephew is about two months shy of making an entrance into his heaven-on-earthly home in the mountains. He will no doubt be adored by not only his mom and dad but all the critters as well. I guess it's hereditary, huh T?

Looking on the bright side, being stuck inside isn't so bad because you get shit stuff done that you've put off forever so you could play in the yard. Like sweep the floor girl...dang! Did you grow up in a barn??????

Peace out.

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