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My good blogger friend Lori's husband BJ is in the ICCU with a big dose of atrial fib and a whole lot of worries for the both of them. Reading her post reminded me of when I got caught red-handed with my ex having a full blown MI. He had stayed home from work that day not feeling well and had some "heartburn." About 8:30 AM I called to check on him and he said he was feeling worse...still no chest pain, per se. After talking to one of the ER nurses about his symptoms and the fact he was home alone, she told me to go get him and bring him in. By the time I got to the house he was lying on his back moaning and we hightailed it to the car. I ran every red light in the 'burg with him kickin' the dashboard screaming " Get me there NOW!"

The minute he got on the stretcher in ER, an EKG was done and it had tombstones on it, meaning something's about to blow. They popped him with Ativase and by the time the chopper arrived to transport him to Memphis, the EKG was normal. 100% occlusion of the LAD, opened quickly and efficiently with one drug. An angioplasty was performed after all the thrombolytics wore off. Three months later, he recognized the symptoms from experience and we discovered first hand that if a stent isn't placed somewhere up in there, early closure rates are greater than 50%. Back to Memphis, back to the cath lab and a stent was put in with this angio. He's been fine ever since with no detectable cardiac damage.

He always told me that I think too much which was his way of saying keep it simple, girl. Thinking that deeply comes in handy when you're solving problems or balancing the checkbook, but otherwise it often leads to trouble, especially in the men department. At least it always has for me. But I still wonder about things, and one of the things I've puzzled over is why we went through all that life and death stuff only to divorce a few years later.

Fay is blowin' at us but not to the degree that she did as she roughed up Florida. The smartass photographer took a wicked looking cloud picture on his way back down there. That was AFTER I couldn't figure out his abstract work. I'm not an English major or an artist...just a smartass country gal :)

Not bad for a Monday, ya'll. Please keep the BG lifted up...times are grueling for her right now. And don't forget BJ. ^j^

UPDATE: Just got a call from a teary Babygirl an hour away on her first day at class, crashing on a friend's couch between courses informing me that her loan money won't be there until next week because of the "recent credit crisis" according to her lender Edamerica. Letter dated? August 20th. Date of disbursement was scheduled for August 21st and has been "postponed" until a later date. Double up on the prayers, warriors. And of course, you know who I blame.
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