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I can die a happy woman now as I have mastered the skill of mowin' the yard and drinking a beer at the same time. Woot! This old John Deere that I drive doesn't have a hood on it so you can imagine me in a scrub top and shorts wheeling through the dust and in between apple trees to git 'er done. Daily walks in the yard have shown me that deadheading is worth it and poison ivy can be killed with determination.

The sawmill is kinda quiet this week which always makes me nervous. Usually when it gets like that there's some giant car wreck or catastrophe that fills the place up to the rafters. The ER is a steady stream of a few emergencies and a whole lot of old people trying to get care as they slowly die. Back in my palliative care heyday that would have looked like a project waitin' to happen. Administration never got it when I pitched back in the day. Too far out of the box, I reckon.

I think a lot when I'm out on the mower watching the perimeters of my homeplace pass by. Any hour now, I will become a great-cousin. Aunt in October. Great-cousin again in December. As I watch the X generation growing into adulthood, I have to admit that though there are a lot of spoiled brats, many of them have seen what a mess the world is in and taken on the challenge of making a difference in some small way. I was in my thirties before it dawned on me that the universe had a lot more problems than just mine and I MIGHT be able to do something. As their parents, we have paid the price by bowing down to the corporate giants for a retirement buck that will never come and affordable insurance until we die. As Hoss would say : "And so it goes" and "Too bad."

I had the best time last night at my redneck friend's birthday party up in the kudzu. Nobody acted the fool and we just cut up like little kids only there was beer and jukebox instead of ice cream and cake. One of the things I gave her is a small transplant from Yaya's momma's beefsteak begonia that I rooted and stuck in a pot last week. I'd post our group picture here except her boyfriend doesn't like to appear on the internet so I will respect his wishes. Wouldn't want to ruin his chances of being a presidential running mate :)

I feel that mood coming on again. Stay tuned for details.

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