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It's almost time for me to turn 53 so I'm workin' on a birthday wish/bucket list because at our age who the hell knows if you'll live to see another one. Nobody does, for that matter. This is in the #1 position right before world peace. I figure I'll see The Eagles before we ever get all that mess straightened out. Feel free to contribute your living room floor if I make it to Little Rock.

Babygirl is a Virgo too, born just a couple of weeks after my special day. Poopie's birthday circa 1984 was one to remember! Big. Fat. Swollen. Miserable. HOT. I walked the halls of that hospital with a phlebotomy tray on my hip during the worst of that summer's heat. She was worth it, though.

These local corporate layoffs have cut my bitching about the day job to a minimum because hell....at least I've got a job. Meanwhile, we continue to buy made in you-know-where because it's cheaper and they have a great Olympic team. I think that most of us are watching Phelps knock medals out and thinking that perhaps our great country has a chance at redemption after all.

More pics headed to the reader's choice set over at Flickr. There are several categories and I'm gonna enter them all, what the heck.

Ya'll know the drill. Keep it close ^j^
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