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learn to be still
If you were one of the brazillion folks who came to our ER today with a cold or somebody who had one, I have something to say to your dumb ass poor sick self. Hellllllooooooooo...it's ragweed time in Tennessee! That means take your meds and suck it up because my damn feet hurt. I'm running for employee of the year, can you tell?

My new favorite place is out back with a view of the barn, corn and golf course respectively. It's shady in the afternoons so all my plants live there around the kinda sorta half assed patio. I remember sittin' on the back steps when that corner was just a bunch of weeds growing under the barrel grill and thinking "Self, you need to pretty that spot up." It took a few years but it's a fine specimen of a shade garden now. I'll give ya'll a tour sometime.

I love to just listen to the wind move out here....in the winter you can hear it in the pines, a lone howl from the evergreen break between my old house and old man winter. During summer months there's a steady white noise from the leaves rustling that brings comfort after a hard day. I watched Butterbean and Sam torment each other, remembering how little they used to be and how they came into my life. Faith was busy napping on my bed :) Come Monday there will be gunfire of epic proportions across the road on opening day of dove season. If I play my cards right, I could be the only female accompanying a herd of guys on this holy mission. That will, most likely, be a future piece for the dew.

Sunset is best viewed from the front, preferably with one's butt parked in one of the two wooden swings. There used to be a hammock but it bit the dust. That will go on my bucket list, along with a CD player. We're planning a birthday party for me next weekend that will include a fire if nothing else. Ya'll know how I love to burn shit and Lord knows it just makes a gathering more cozy.

While I was outside listening to the silence, I remembered a song from loooooong ago that I used to love. I guess I still do.

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