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lie to me

TGIF and all that ya'll. I'd be so much more excited about it if there were a chance of not sweatin' in my immediate forecast but..alas. 'Tis not to be right now so I'm just thankful that the air is working. Kinda sorta. When it gets this hot, a cold shower is the best remedy for what ails you. In honor of being housebound I'm having a "me" night complete with razors for the pits and sea salt for the tired old feet while listening to the latest MOM CD. Kid Rock blended with Kathy Mattea and John Prine. Yep....I took my happy pill :)

I don't talk much about the kudzu bar here because folks don't like to be seen up in there and I'm all about the pictures. Thursday is ladies day when we swap gossip and Avon orders over dollar beer feeling totally safe because every dang man in the place knows we don't put out and we know their wives and it's all good. The past coupla weeks there's been some guys playing guitars...last night a drummer too.. and jamming with Bev. Her voice is totally awesome in that big range sort of way and she belts out anything from Journey and Aerosmith and back to Sugarland or Beth Hart without missing a beat. Dude on lead guitar has a good voice too and together with the bass player, they're a great sound that I'll go back to hear over and over. Hell, I might even dance on the stage or whack a cowbell or something wild and tawdry like that.

There's a big blues festival coming up soon not too far from Pecan Lane featuring a couple of my personal favorites from the area. Not that you have to be from the South to sing the blues or anything, but gah. It all started here, ya know? I reckon it was because it was so.damn.hot. in August back in the day.

We're past Aretha Franklin and Eva Cassidy on the MOM CD so it's time to finish the chores and hit the tub cold shower. Now playing? Loan Me a Dime.

Anybody know who did it first?
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