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musical schizophrenia
I'm presently doing my very favorite thing in the world which consists of fiddling with things and drinking a beer, something we like to call chilling. BG is on a roadtrip with a dress mission. It's cool and cloudy with light rain. Perfect weather to stay home, listen to music and play with my friends. Of course, they all happen to be furry. Home is where I like to be most of the time now. I reckon I'm over the hill on that social butterfly part of being single.

It always amazes me to sit and listen to CDs I've made in the past because they reflect my mood at that time. My current selection is a nice mix of Beth Hart, Eagles, Alan Jackson and Little Feat. Yeah, I know....they make a pill for that. Next thing you know I'll be pairing up Barry Manilow and and Ozzie. When I do be sure to call the mental health folks and contact the EAP. Oooohh..there's Stevie Nicks doing Landslide.

Ya'll have a lovely weekend and all that. I'll be hibernating.

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