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saturday stuff
Okay, so I'm not an English major Simon, but you got the idea ;) The mood has improved dramatically since yesterday's rant. A good sleep and a few beers will do that for you most times. The last update I got on grandcousin's birth was somewhere around 11 when I fell asleep. Cooper James was born at 3:30 am by C-section and shortly thereafter met his adoring gaggle of grandparents. The name James is in honor of his late grandfather, whom we affectionately refer to as Jimbo. He was my favorite relative and died when he was one year older than I am now from prostate cancer. What a waste.

Me and the Babygirl are bonding loosely this weekend to mark the beginning of her new school year. Books have arrived from Amazon and the gas tank will be full on Monday for the hour long commute three days a week. As Yaya would say "It's down to the nut cuttin " with nine months left before graduation. On that day in May 2009, you will hear both of us hootin' and hollering wherever you are....even out in Oregon.

It is slowly turning into fall with a dropped leaf here and there and cicadas sounding the end of the summer. Autumn is my favorite season because the relief of cooler temps in this area is always welcome. It's not too hot right now, that Fay sent us a dewpoint that's a killer. Good weather to stay in the house and clean the dog hair. My old friend Claude called from Knoxville this morning and we remembered her little dog named Tilly that used to bark the entire length of our phone conversations. I called her a little bitch on more than one occasion. Tilly, not Claudia :)

Ya'll relax. I'll be doing the same.

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