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two for the money.....and three to go

Well, actually Sara didn't PAY me for the kittens but then the smile on her face was worth more than gold. There is absolutely nothing like the feeling of giving an animal that you care about to a loving owner. These two babies will live in the tack room for awhile and then get to roam for mice once the stalls are finished. I'm not gettin' my hopes up, but the Biomed guy inquired about how many were left. Hmmmmmmm.....and he's got kids :)

In other news, the temps are still hovering around 90 but that's a helluva lot better than a hundred. Seasonable, if you will. The mornings are very pleasant and I see 'em before the sun ever rises. I am not a morning person, to say the least, but I give it the old college try. Since identifying my "opportunity for improvement" I've managed to cut the tardies down to a respectable level. My saving grace at family gatherings has always been that my youngest brother is almost always later than me.

Mom and Dad took a road trip for a doctor's appointment today and enjoyed the landscape I'm sure. I believe they took the scenic route. The whole healthcare thing is just a big old maze in our society with the referrals and co-pays and deductibles and such. Just when I think I've had enough, I look at a slide like I saw today that has something that looks a lot like leukemia on it and I think to myself "Self...lookie there." Not just any old redneck gal can do that while managing everything else in her life. Kind of an affirming and sad moment all rolled into one. Another anonymous pre-diagnosis...leading to another treatment.

Tomorrow, which is officially Dead Elvis Eve, just so happens to be my OLD friend's birthday and since he was born before Elvis died, I reckon he deserves a shoutout amongst the candlelight vigils and music marathons. Got'cha, smartass ^j^ One more year in paradise.

Almost Friday. Hang in there kids ^j^
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