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voter apathy
Happy election day ya'll. I certainly hope you'll all go out to cast a vote for the candidate of your choice like I did two weeks ago. Hey...he's a personal friend with a lot of experience in the courtroom. Great qualifications for a judge. Old Poops is still ridin' the fence on the big one and more than likely will do a write in thing for the first time ever in my voting career. Sorry...the major parties are both pissing me off big time with their crap. Paris, my ass.

Remember that long haired dude who came to visit a few weeks ago? I wrote about the big river adventure over at The Dew just because Idgie trusts me to be southern 'til I die. Unless SugarDaddy moves me to Fiji or something spectacular like that. Ya'll don't hold your breath.

We are (not so) patiently awaiting the slow moving cold cool front that will hopefully knock ten degress offa' the heat index around here so I don't sweat so much. Maybe by my birthday I'll be able to wear makeup to the day job...ya think? I must say *somebody* sprung for a new compressor and it's nice and chilly up in there for all of us middle aged gals who suffer with hot flashes and mood swings.

The kittens are eatin' well and ready to move on to greener pastures like the barn where their daddy lives. It's a tough decision whether to risk them gettin' eaten out there or euthanized at the shelter. The little white one with orange spots that RG and Jim like so much has been named Stewie because he looked just.like.him when he was little bitty. The white one with black spots was the runt but he's gaining on his siblings now that they're on solid food.

UPDATE: It rained today! A lot! It's only 80 degrees! Tomorrow is Friday!
Do I hear an amen?
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