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welcome to our world

My friend SM and I first met when she got born as the neice of my friend and co-worker. That was about six weeks before Babygirl made her entrance into the world so they were kinda part of the same litter in 1984. She's a hoot to work with and cuts up like you wouldn't believe just because life is good. The little general and I remarked today that we only wished we could be that excited about something....ANYTHING...again. With age comes that weary feeling of having beentheredonethat and knowing how things can end up even when you work hard and say your prayers. In a way, it's like getting to live my life over again watching the kids that I've helped to raise move out into the world. And believe me, there's a ton of 'em. SM has a blog now and I'm the first one on her blogroll so ya'll go give her a visit and a welcome into the world of b**g. I was telling her that ya'll are real people and all...gosh I even met Hoss in person!! Handsome devil :)

The gardening never ends for Poops, I'm just sayin'. I've been out collecting four-o-clock seeds for Yaya and Redneck Friend 'cuz we all love to grow shit. The ancient sheds out to the side will soon be torn down because, really. You have to hunt to find a dry spot under the windblown tin. I'll be moving all of the hardware to the basement for the winter and hopefully keep a few things alive down there. I've had fits and starts of using that space for different things over the years...once it was aerobics. Next came the stained glass era, post divorce. I need to clean out the cobwebs and make a playhouse. Word!

"Welcome to hell!" I said to the lone lab male as he entered the place. Murphy's law was running the show today and it wasn't pretty. Back in the day, I would have felt to compelled to deal with every crisis but today, I just let other people do their part. And you know what? We're all still kicking. I'll be there until Sunday afternoon then have a coupla days off. And yes, there will be beer.

Ya'll have a rib or a burger and enjoy the last official weekend of summer 08, even if you've got a hurricane headed in your general direction. It's been a long one for me, and I'm ready to not sweat.

Peace and love ^j^
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