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aunt poopie fruit flies and bbq butts

Word came down from the mountains of Virginia today that my first and only nephew arrived about four hours after the first pain hit this morning, precisely on his due date. Welcome to the world little dude! When you're a little bit older I'll teach you how to pick the locks on your Daddy's bedroom door with a bobby pin like he used to do to me. Needless to say my parents are excited to have their second grandchild twenty four years after the first one!!

Some local bikers held a benefit this weekend and pre-sold boston butts to be picked up yesterday at a little church right outside of the 'burg. I wasn't sure where the church was but how lost can you get in a little place like that, right? As I was driving out there I dropped in behind a whole pack of folks on Harleys just sure that they would lead me to the bbq, but noooooooo. I followed 'em about five miles until I realized I was way past where I should be so I turned around and asked directions at the local store. I had driven right by it. These folks can cook some killer butts, I'm just saying.

My weekend has been devoted to yard work which has been painfully neglected due to my aversion to heat. When you've got trumpet vine attached to the siding, it's time to get out there and tackle the thing. Before I could mow I had to pick up the limbs that Hurricane Ike left two weeks ago. I've also been picking the last of my Granny Smith apples and freezing them, and headed down to Daddy's to get some of his Yellow Delicious just because I can. He's got an Arkansas Black tree which he is understandably hoarding for himself, and they are beautiful. My car is full of fruit flies. Go figure.

Speaking of painful, all that bending and stooping has done a number on my terribly out of shape body right where the legs meet the butt, and not a bbq one by the way. Nothing that naproxen won't fix , but it was a wake up call. I broke down and bought some new uniforms of the chosen colors this week, even though it still pisses me off because, hey. I gotta work to buy beer and pay the utility company, not necessarily in that order.

Watched the (not so) great debate Friday night and got bored after an hour so I went to sleep at 9PM. What a party animal I can be! Of course I waited impatiently all day yesterday to see if Tina Fey would return as Palin on SNL and indeed she did. With Amy's Katie Couric to boot. Them girls ain't right...and I love it :) A day without humor is like a day under the Dubya administration.

Carry on......and act as if.

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