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bipartisanship, my ass
At work this afternoon, I walked by the PC where two of my friends were reading the news about the bailout. I stopped just long enough to read that it evidently really happened and catch that B word. Now, I know there's this huge important election coming up soon and somebody wants to ride the white horse, but oh.my.god. This time it won't be the ones who got us where we are.

Ever since 9/11 I have watched as the GOP spins this giant tale of horror about how the world is out to get us and we have to stop them by buying more of their shit stuff or occupying their homeland. The smell of greed for money and power is worse than anything I've ever experienced in a hospital where people suffer real physical pain. The first time I saw a body swing and a head roll in Iraq I was ready to pack it up and go home or kick somebody's ass. Neither one happened.

My vote will go to the candidates of a party that wisely funds programs for social reform like healthcare rather than pouring my tax dollars into guns. Oh sure...I want the guns. I just want them over here protecting my ass on American soil. Most of all I want some people representing me who will stop bickering over party lines and power and listen to the little people who are paying the bill. I don't give a rat's butt if he or she is black or old or even talks with a prounced twang while wearing Tina Fey glasses.

We have failed our children by leading them into an entitled generation....one in which we either buy them anything they want, often on credit, or expect the federal government to send a check because mama didn't dance and daddy sure didn't rock'n'roll except when he was tore up. Enough with the excessive whining, already. Get over it. We could be spending your check on end-of-life care or rehab for people who wannna be happy. ( see Patch Adams, et al )

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Stopped by the funeral home on my way home to hug a friend whose mama died. She's been sick a long time and he's been pretty torn up about it. Lots of treatments and money for something that just weakened her body. But you know what? It was her decision and they respected it until she said "no more." Gotta admire that in a family.

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Ya'll be faithful out there. It's almost TGIF.

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