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blessings in disguise
Ike tore through here early this morning, down from 110 to around 45 mph. I woke up once to acknowledge him, then turned back over to snooze. Later on as I was driving around it was amazing to see how much damage a storm can do that far inland. Trees and limbs down and power out everywhere. My bumper pecan crop lays halfway on the road being driven over with every trip to town. I've got power and Mom and Daddy don't so he called earlier wanting to know if he could watch a little TV. I settled him and the guide into a rocker in Babygirl's room and went about my business. Ten minutes later he was on the way home. He couldn't find a thing he wanted to watch so he and Mom are listening to a book on tape by battery power. Roughing it :)

The cool front is passing through as I type so I'd better get out there on the swing and enjoy the passage. You only live once, ya know.

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