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the circle of life

My grandmother was a real trip in more ways than one. The oldtimers at the sawmill still remember her fondly for her thoughtfulness and take no prisoners attitude. The ER docs adored and respected her and usually did just what she told 'em to. A few weeks before she died, we were talking and she shared her personal view on loving folks. "We're all just here lent to one another by God" she quipped in a rare insightul moment. Usually she was bossing us around.

I've never forgotten the thought...that each life that touches mine is a gift of some sort from Big Ernie. Sometimes the touch is soft, light and fleeting and others are huge compilations of jumbled up life experiences, many shared with hands held or tears wiped away. The fabric of who we are as individuals is woven into a texture that is uniquely US, shaped by those who have been travelers on the same road at some point. I begain to realize when my grandmothers died that nothing lasts forever so you have to hold onto the memories of what is dear so that you never forget the moment. And pictures are always good to help you along :)

My baby girl will turn 24 tomorrow and she'll be as busy as a cat chasing a mouse on crack. I hope she knows that my heart is with her all day every day as she moves toward a new chapter of poop life and adulthood. She has been a true gift in every sense of the word, not just to me but to everyone who knows her. I look forward to more of the same, chick.

Happy birthday LP...Keep the faith ^j^
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