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a day without pay

Days off from the sawmill are always nice, but today has been exceptional in a simplistic sort of way. Since I got paid yesterday, it was time to make the rounds with the utility company and the dollar store after I bought my ration of gas. Two hours later it had dropped 20 cents. Go figure.

I seized the day to take care of little errands that I've been putting off because: (a) it's been hot as hell and (b) I had money. Ran into Daddy at the gas station and told him I was making a Dollar General run...did they need anything? He didn't know so I called Mama and she gave me a short list. When I delivered the stuff, they were perched in their twin recliners like the couple of lovely little elders that they are. Kissed 'em both on the way out :)

One of my errands was to get mat board for the pictures I'm going to enter in the contest so I swung by the frame store to see Aunt Granny. We sat and visited for awhile discussing babies, the state of the economy and the upcoming election. Like my parents, she survives on Social Security which doesn't go far in these times. I have to wonder what the economy would look like if we had plumbers and truck drivers and nurses in Congress instead of rich lawyers.

After that I grabbed some lunch and went to see my haircutter stylist over at the salon that my high school classmates operate. Short and sweet, that's how it is. I'll go without food before I'll run around with that nappy hair all up in a clip again. Famous last words, huh?

So far, the DHS Class of '73 hasn't even anted up enough to pay for the food at our reunion so it might get cancelled if they don't get on the ball. I mean what's NOT to like about a 35 year class reunion with everybody just as gray as you are or worse? Great opportunity for a self-esteem boost there, kids.

Since I was off today I wandered up the kudzu bar last night to hear the band that's there on Thursday and they were AWOL. The karaoke just don't do it for this old gal anymore. I drool over the concert announcements that I get from various groups like The Guacamole Fund. My kind of music, ya'll.
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