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doves and kudos

As planned, I was a guest at my brother's opening day dove hunt yesterday. The short version? HOT. The long version is here. I was just a by-stander...never shot a gun in my life.

My smartass photographer friend Fletch honored the Poopster with this award which is supposed to be "viral" in nature in a harmless sort of way. The deal is to introduce blogs that really hold your interest to others who might enjoy them. Since I don't get any awards, or many comments for that matter, it was a real treat to get a reference from someone I visit every day for pretty pictures, wit and hurricane forecasts. Ya'll know I want to share the lurve, so I must pass the baton to others that make my blogosphere a happier place.

Old Horsetail Snake : Gene Maudlin, aka Old Hoss, is a brilliant elderb**gger who tickles many a funny bone with his cartoons and jokes. Think sunday funnies with no censoring. He even came all the way from Oregon to visit me on Pecan Lane! And then we got stuck in the mud.
With a skunk.

Random Southerner : This gutsy chick in South Carolina has been to hell and back during the past few years. In spite of her loss, she has remained witty and sharp with her writing. My kind of gal.

Hidden Mahala : Imagine living in a place called Frog Pond Holler with an amazon daughter and a crazy mama and working in a place she dubs "the cubicle asylum." There is never a dull moment there, and she makes me laugh with every single post. As Martha would say "that's a good thing." She also has a very cool store featuring all things southern.

Risible Girl : From far away in Washington State, this quirky gal entertains me each and every day with what is happening in her life. Her topics range from her latest head bonk to the train nazi who shooshes people on their commute. Hilarious!

Chapter Next : This woman's way with words never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes when I read her posts it's as if she picked just the right phrases to express what I feel. That's why I affectionately refer to her as my "fairy blogmother."

There are buckets full of apples in the kitchen that won't peel themselves, so I reckon I'm outta here and on to the chores. Be really sweet, and I'll send you some applesauce.

Over and out from Pecan Lane.

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