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mouth wide open

That's me when the camera goes off. Never did learn how to pose, dammit. From dawn to way after dusk, this has been the perfect celebration of that poopie little person called Janie. Thank you all for remembering me even though I didn't bring cupcakes for the class. Ya'll know they'll be there when you least expect them and they'll be sinfully rich, just.for.you.

This election shit crap is gettin' on my nerves already what with the old guy and his perky running mate pulling out all the stops with Vietnam and 9/11 and don't dare suck out an embroyo but fry that mofo on death row because it's an eye for an eye sort of world. You know....the end times.

I've heard it said that b**ggers will determine, at the very least, the outcome of this election and I have to say that can only be a good thing. When people step out of the partisan comfort zone to talk about the real issues and the future of our earth, that gives me faith.

And that? That's a good thing to experience.

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