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oh no he didn't

Okay then. I'm not a senior political correspondent or even a political science minor but I do have some common sense when the moon is right. And for the life of me I can't figure out what the HELL McCain is thinking when he claims the need to delay the debate to "solve our nation's financial crisis." Like, duh. Stall for time dude. Maybe Congress will make a deal with China and we won't have to worry about a damn thing. Meanwhile, get your ass out there in the middle of the dusty street at sundown and spar with your enemy until somebody comes up with an answer. Which, by the way, might not include adding to the deficit by bailing out companies who don't manage their money well, much like our country.

The view around here is absolutely magnificent post corn shelling. I honestly didn't realize that it was like living in a box with corn fields on all four sides until it went away. It was a dusty couple of days but thank goodness I got some prednisone at just the right moment to get me through the picture taking and subsequent recovery with Visine and antihistamines close at hand. Yep, I'm nuts for this place. Picture this....my chubby middle aged self up on a ladder with a garden rake plucking off the last of the apples so as not to waste any of Big Ernie's manna. Dripping with sweat...granny shorts on bottom and scrub top from work covering the girls. Dogs circling underneath the trees waitin' for me to fall flat on my smart ass. Soon as it gets cold, the pecans will be down and you can find me out there in the corn stubble on bended knee picking THOSE up. Mama always said "Waste not, want not." No wait. What she said was "Always send thank you notes."

The last surviving kitten went to a wonderful home Monday and has been named SweetPea which I think is a lovely southern name. Now Lily just sits on the cushion in my computer chair and relishes being childless and sterile. And not bothered with kid stuff. I didn't have the heart to tell her about the engine in the truck incident the other day. Ewwww...

If you need an apple for the teacher, let me know. I've got your back.

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