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real hippies

....don't wear shoes. I tried so hard to be one but I was just a few years too young. Mama understood and dropped me off at the MidSouth Colliseum to see Led Zeppelin live and in person. I don't remember what I was wearin' underneath, but my Daddy's woolen Air Force overcoat was the top layer. It could have been August, I dunno. To me, it was all about that war and what it was doing to the drafted ones in the jungle..still pisses me off.

I think about that sometimes when I consider the upcoming presidential election and the choices being offered up and the promises being laid on the table. Truth be told, I wouldn't want the job unless I was a millionaire with nothing better to do than screw around with our country for fun and profit. For the life of me I can't figure out why the US of A wants to go out there and save all the poor picked upon countries that just happen to have the oil that fuels our economy. Hurry hurry right damn now or else you might be tardy and lose your well paying job somewhere in middle management in corporate America. Don't bother to speed...the Asian countries have beat us to the punch so it doesn't matter anywho.

That trade deficit is a real tragedy ya'll. God bless the dollar store and all that, but I'll stick with my antique furniture and the farmer's market. If only I'd thought ahead, we'd have a punkin to carve up for Halloween. Now I have to go buy one. It's worth it though, just to be a kid again.

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