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refrigerator art
Redneck friend gave me that magnetic picture frame for Christmas last year with instructions to fill it up. So far all I've managed to get in there is a raggedy copy of these two clowns. It reminds me of the truth every time I walk by.

Speaking of friends, ya'll are the best. I feel better about things today...hell maybe I just needed a good cry. Girls are like that sometimes, what can I say. Your kind words were just what I needed to get up out of the valley and put on the big girl panties.

We haven't seen the sun in several days now so I'm hoping it will peek out for "all about me" weekend. LP and friends are finishing up the bathroom paint job I started two years ago which is a true labor of love. Besides, she said, she's sick of lookin' at it :) That's my kid.

Ya'll count your blessings and don't take anything for granted.

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