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assorted monday adventures

*sigh* They know me by name and serial number down at the Humane Society because of Faith's tendency to wander. I noticed at bedtime last night that she was absent for roll call but it was dark and she's brown so there you go. I put out the APB to Babygirl and my brother and went on work at 6AM, hoping for the best like when the nice man in the brown UPS uniform took her home and played with her and then called the next day. 'Twas not to be this time. The humane society folks had her in a back cage with a nice stuffed toy. As I rounded the corner to identify her as MY errant baby all I could think about was having to go to court on the third strike. Lord, ya'll. I can barely pay the light bill much less court costs for a vicious dog on the loose. Thank goodness they were in a good mood and let me off light. There's a special place in heaven for folks like that.

BG called me early this morning to let me know she was doing the Monday morning nap between work and school down at the grandparents' house. She fell asleep at home and was rousted out of the bed by the roofers. She said it sounded like the martians had landed up there. By the time I got here from doggy jail the place where the nice folks work to deposit Faith inside, these guys had completely torn off three layers and laid down the tarpaper. By the time I got off at 2, it was a done deal and they were raking shit out of my flower beds. They even blew out my clogged gutters! Sweet. A big fat thank you goes out to the landlord on that one.

Daddy's little spell at church yesterday turned out to be a drug reaction which is pretty common. He had run out of one med and been off for a month, then refilled it and took one yesterday in addition to his regular stuff. Ooops! Those two together will do that, the doc said. Looks like some pharmacy computer somewhere would have caught that one. Anyhow, he's fine and back to ornery and Bonanza. Life is good.

We had our monthly staff meeting this afternoon complete with Mitzi's strawberry cake. I don't know if we were high on sugar or what but real feelings and issues got laid on the table and I liked it. A lot. That's the only way real change ever happens.

I'm still on the trail of some hot PE teacher named Ms. Winston to be a special guest at my 35th high school reunion. As you can probably guess, that particular request was made by a guy. We'll have a decent crowd and a good time because that's what we know how to do. I was the class secretary back then but I don't do a lot of clerical work. That's my friend Cynthia who does that and she's dang good at it. I just bump into people at the store and take their pictures with no makeup and ratty clothes to post on Yahoo. Ha...your worst nightmare kids.

We're dry as a bone on Pecan Lane after a month without rain but some is on the way if the weatherman doesn't lie like a political candidate. Just in time for the newly raked flower beds and fall planting. Thanks, BigE.

Gotta go see if Faith is still alive in there on the couch. She's being punished for running away by staying in the house, poor baby. When I made the stir fry she stood there waiting for the scraps to drop into her mouth. She knows who loves her.

Let's try to keep terrific tuesday down to a dull roar, umkay? Old folks like me can't stand much excitement.

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