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chicken rotel and term limits

My brother plays poker with a bunch of guys who celebrate Wild!Meat!Monday! by grubbing out and dealing the cards. For Christmas last year, I gave him a gift certificate for Poopie made dinner for the gathering, at his choice of time and menu. He was thoughtful enough to wait until I had a day off in October to cash in his chips and give me the menu. Chicken Rotel and green beans. Cooked the real way for ten hungry folks. I noticed that it had been kinda warm in the house over the weekend, but then...I wasn't here much and I've got a box fan pointed directly at my fat ass when I'm sleepin'. Old habits die hard, ya know? Long story short, it's still hot here and I cooked all day. Corey showed up today to shoot some freon in there. Poops will sleep cool tonight.

Today was pap smear day in my 'hood so I gave myself a spit bath and reported for duty. A little perk of the job is that I have someone willing to take a serious look at the slide and be objective because he cares about me as a co-worker and friend. The lassez faire leadership style doesn't work for this old gal anymore. I've had a few procedures up in there to try to fix things but it still isn't normal which can be sort of worrisome at times. Might be time to move on up the steps toward cancer prevention. That's what just KILLS my smartass about healthcare insurance. They'll pay for expensive drugs to keep you alive way longer than Big Ernie intended but not for trying to not get sick. Their money, your bad.

Several faithful members of our reunion committee met today and crunched some numbers. Looks like an interesting cast for a nice gathering in the 'burg. I currently have a spayed cat chasing a noisy ball through every room of this old house. My dawgs are in for the night with their Mama and supper tomorrow's lunch is cooked. My babygirl is in the bed enjoying fall break and working. One out of two is a blessing for her.

The crops are almost done except for the pecans and a few beans. When I think back over the years that farmers were paid federal tax dollars not to plant this or no-till that it makes me proud to be the member of a family who had the vision to keep agriculture alive and well. We're spending a kazillion dollars all over the globe doing just that thing. Give a man a fish... And f***reakin' term limits for Congress. Sheesh!

I'll keep ya'll posted about life on Pecan Lane ^j^
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