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dearly beloved
My cousin's daughter who is one month older than Babygirl got married last night. She is a stunning beauty of a woman, much like her mother was at that age. She is the first of three in that litter to tie the knot, and the first girl. Like me, she has two bratty little brothers, and like me she adores them both. I don't dress up much, and neither does her Aunt Debbie but by golly we did for this occasion. I picked Mama up and we met Deb and Ronnie in the church parking lot and found our way to a pew close behind Aunt Granny.

The music was classical and the pianist accomplished at setting the mood for a promise like that. Mama can't see well, so I had to tell her that Zack and Nic were singing to their big sister. About that time Buddy and Carissa showed up with the first GREAT grandchild. His granny immediately grabbed him and proceeded to snuggle him near to death. I first noticed the tears shortly after that. Mom had a kleenex and it was all good.

It was at that point that I knew she was thinking about her late father and how much he would love this scene. They were two peas in a pod on most everything, including the band and makin' shit construction, not necessarily in that order. We spent lots of happy times together as children and then everybody started growing up and moving on with life. Things got busy and feelings got hurt.

I leaned over and whispered to Mama " Babygirl will NEVER go for something like this." She just smiled. Her reply was "You just never know." No, I guess you don't. Not 'til the fat lady sings.

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