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harvest moon

I watched half of it rise over the roof on the patio at the kudzu bar with Yaya and friends and then went on inside to listen to the band who are, by the way, quite talented. Too bad they don't crank up until 7. I'm usually snuggled up in the bed with the dogs by then.

When BG was little her she became acquainted with the phases of the moon and referred to it as "ball moon" or "banana moon". She learned all about that at Ms. Carol's preschool where they had parties for every little thing and put out some killer art on construction paper. Remind me to tell you about the time I got handed "The Strong Willed Child" one day when I picked her up after work, with a friendly suggestion to read what Dr. Dobson has to say about rebels. My reaction? Oh..shit.

I guess it was time for me to pay for my raisin' as a quasi-hippie/good girl and excellent group hugger. One time she and her heifer friend decided to go for a ride with some older guys. After me and her dad went to sleep, they snuck out walked out the back door and hiked up the road to where their car was parked. Been there...done that. You always get caught. The one time I did it I came back to a fully lit house and my pissed off mother. Daddy was out looking for me. When he walked back in and saw me sittin' there he cried. First time I'd ever seen that side of him, ya know?

We've got beans and cotton left standing and as soon as they're dry, they'll be history. I'm curious to see what the pecan crop does this year because there's a lot of nuts up there. We'll see how they fall.

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