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i want to be the baby

I've always thought it's a shame that childhood is so short, and we don't remember a whole lot of it anyway, and that adulthood is so dang long. As the years pass and my kids begin to have their own, I see how quickly it goes from carefree play to down and dirty drama. When we're little there are family members to cushion the blow of life's tragedies until we hit that magic age when...hmmm. Gotta deal with this.

When BG was little and wanted to cuddle up and "be the baby" I'd tease her by saying that's what I wanted! I was kidding, of course, but there are still times that I get that feeling and one of them is now. There's not any one particular thing that's got me wore out...just one of those days.

Peace out ya'll. Don't forget to watch the debate.

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