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if the hat fits, wear it

That's the wording on the October page of the ever present Mary Engelbreit calendar that hangs above my desk at home. Her pictures make me smile and that's always a good thing. I've moved the 'puter to the dining room so that my bedroom is mine to sleep in. Had to do something.....the ganglion cyst is being puffed up with all that keyboard action.

I'll be working this weekend so if you need to see me, come to the emergency room sawmill and send a message through the tube system. Megan will get it :) I've seen some changes around our little cubicle and I must say, though unpleasant at times, the straight talkin' seems to have broken down some walls to where we compromise and figure out how to get things done without wearing down the horses. I'm too old for that shit, ya'll.

We got a good soaking rain that settled the dust nicely and cooled us down a bit. Trees are beginning to change colors. Fall is finally here. And you know what?

It's my favorite ^j^

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