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It is hump day for ya'll and Friday for me. Let's hear it for " alternative scheduling." Bubba came by for our wednesday afternoon chat on the porch. That's when he comes out to supper with Mom and Daddy and he stops by for a spell. The rest of the time I pass him on the tractor or in his truck tending to chores that need to be done on a farm. We talked about end of life care and the election and the price of beans.

The kudzu patio has been too hot during the past several months for the kweens to gather without breakin' a sweat, but a nice cool front seems to have solved that dilemma for the week. What serendipity that I'm off for a couple of days and the house band is scheduled to play tomorrow. Hell, I might even pitch my sleeping bag out and spend the night.

I fell asleep AGAIN during last night's debate. I know there are a brazillion folks who make a living analyzing that stuff but I can give you the short version from a poopie point of view. Obama talks a good show. McCain can barely get his words out. None of the above will solve the problems that plague our nation today unless Congress gets their shit together in a timely fashion. Like, right damn now.

If there are any booklovers out there close to Nashvegas ya'll might want to check out this event. I've been several times and there's never a dull moment amongst the writers, musicians and food.

Over and out. Sunset time ^j^
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